I am going to write a detailed thread starting from the day Prime Minister @narendramodi announced the first #lockdown . How certain vested interests & political parties triggered exodus of #MigrantWorkers after PM asked people to stay put wherever they are. (1)
"Draw a Laxman Rekha outside your house door and do not step outside of it. Stay where you are. This will be the decisive battle against coronavirus. If we are not able to adhere to this lockdown sincerely for 21 days, believe me, India will go back 21 years.” PM @narendramodi
“Several families will be destroyed. India is at a stage of the pandemic where our actions will decide our future,” PM @narendramodi had then said. There is a definite pattern behind #MigrantWorkers crisis, fuelled by people who wanted #COVID to spread to Indian villages. (3)
#MigrantWorkers issue came to the fore on March 23,2020, the day PM @narendramodi declared #lockdownindia . An estimated 4 lakh migrants were brought in state owned buses to Anand Vihar ISBT. @UPGovt had to press 2000 buses into service to take them to their destinations. (4)
Exodus of #MigrantWorkers of UP was triggered as allegedly announcements were made that UP Govt had stationed buses for them at Anand Vihar ISBT. It continued for a week & meantime MHA suspended Delhi Transport Secretary Renu Sharma & censured Home Secretary Satya Gopal. (5)
MHA has put Renu Sharma on notice as an inquiry is being conducted against her & other officials to know whose decision it was to order 50% DTC buses on road, when it was to be under 25% during #Lockdown . Certain officers of Delhi Traffic Police are also under the lense. (6)
Once #MigrantsOnTheRoad became the focus, several jumped into the ring to weave a narrative as that suited people behind them. Migrants crisis should be viewed in the context of many US cos evincing interest to shift to India from #China after #WuhanVirus spread into #COVID . (7)
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