Unprecedented tensions between Indian and Chinese forces along the border in eastern Ladakh continue to fester with both sides bolstering their troop deployment resulting in “stand off” in at least three locations.
With China bringing in a large number of Border Defence Regiment (BDR) troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to force the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) to stop infrastructure-development activities, India has decided to stay “dug in” and conduct “mirror deployment”
The Chinese have not only moved in additional troops, but also brought in more boats into the lake and vehicles on the road last week. They have also built bunkers, some sources said.
This is backed by helicopters for aerial vigil in the troubled zone in the Galwan Valley, besides infrastructure development to house & cater additional troops.

Amid these tensions, Army chief General Naravane made a quiet visit to Ladakh Friday & “reviewed” the situation.
The Chinese have built blocking points at Finger 2 to stop the Indian patrols from going further. They have also objected to Indian construction activity in the Galwan valley, even though China has itself carried out extensive road-laying activities on its side of the LAC.
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