Hello mummy, Maine nayi video banayi hai.

Haan, usme Maine #Hinduphobia daal Diya, #homophobia bhi daal Diya aur maine #Bhagwa kapde bhi pehen liye

Aur, end me "Saaxxxx" bol diya

Dekho mummy Mai cool ban gayi aur funny b ho gaya

Let's talk about how "dog-whistles" work

Unfortunately, #Hinduphobia is very real and media + these so called comedians use these dog-whistles to propagate it further

At a time when #Hinduphobia is on the rise, your content which uses #Bhagwa is a dog-whistle
You also used a scene from a series which showed #Hindu saints as murd*r3rs.
It also maligned a pious relationship between a guru and a shishya by implying they have s3xual relationship between them.
You also chose to use "s3x" word in your skit to imply what I said above.
Also, I DIDN'T purposely tag you on Twitter because:
• I don't want to give a so-called comedian - who has no respect for #Hinduism and chose to use a dog-whistle for giggles - any footage
• I certainly didn't want your shout out on Instagram. But, you still wrote this 👇🏻
There is a reason why my followers chose to "Royally ignore" your replies on my previous tweet

We will no longer sit & take this covert assault on #Hinduism anymore, in any form

We will certainly not let you malign hinduism for giggles

We care about the message, not you

You claim that you are a Hindu but you either don't see what you did in this skit or you are just being wilfully ignorant.

•You chose #Bhagwa
•You used the word "s3x* in your skit to imply that Guru & Shishya have a sexual relationship

And, you say you're not #Hinduphobic ?
No one should drag your family into this, I agree.

What you did was WRONG & the funny thing is you don't even see it

You are weaponizing #Hinduphobic content which is already rampant in the industry

My agenda is #India & #Dharma, yours is cheap publicity

We aren't the same
Aur behen mujhe tera shout out nahi chahiye Instagram pe.

Hai kaun tu ?

You are just a performer.
We are your audience.

Learn to take criticism for your work.

Ye aapki rozi roti hai, Meri nahi.

Mai aam nagrik hu jo media me #Hinduphobia se tang aa gayi hai.

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