First of all, no she did not pull your classic "phobia means fear" deflection that literally only homophobes and transphobes take seriously. 🤣🤣🤣
Also, a big part of why Azealia gets a pass on her flagrant anti-gayness from many folks is she frames it as being specific towards WhiteGayze™

She (rightly) calls them on their racism, but then uses that as her "in" to say whatever inflammatory shit she wants about ALL gay men
Azealia tries to perform racial solidarity with Black/Latinx LGBTQ folks as a cover for the very clear disdain she has for gay men...regardless of race

She has a lot of y'all fooled but I see right through it
Reminder that Azealia Banks is the same person who tried to claim that ballroom is just Black gay men and trans women "copying" Black cis women. She also sex-shamed gay men (including BM) who use PrEP. She's made AIDS "jokes"
Stop buying into her bullshit...she don't like our Black asses either lol
Anyway, moving on...
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