@piersmorgan Dear Piers,

You may not remember but I was on your GMB programme with my son regarding ‘helens law’ named after my murdered daughter whose body has not been recovered and the killer, now released, still refuses to say where she is. (1)
@piersmorgan Helens Law is now close to being placed on the statute book but I have since launched a judicial review at the high court against the parole board re their decision to release her killer. (2)
@piersmorgan The killers lawyers have informed us that if they are succesful they will demand costs of over £75.000.

The two other interested parties, the parole board and the ministry of justice, have indicated that they will not request any costs whatever the outcome. (3)
@piersmorgan You helped me by sharing my law petition and I am now asking for your help with my legal fight. There is a crowd funding page ‘‘gofundme/justiceforhelen’’ and I need support for this page to cover my possible costs. (4)
@piersmorgan If I do win the case, which my legal advisors are very optomistic of my success, any unused funds will be available for similar families in my situation. (5)
I would be very indebted for any help and assistance you can give me.

Marie McCourt. (6)
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