Not generalizing anything but have seen some people mistaking 'Ayodhya' as Ram Rajya.
Therefore, an attempt to throw some light on the history of this once Unconquerable ( meaning of Ayodhya) city.

Saket( Ayodhya) was the capital city of Koshal Empire.
The city was established by none other than Prajapati Vaivasvat Manu near the banks of Saryu. It was later named Ayodhya after King Ayudh.
Koshal was the home to the greatest kings who ruled the entire earth.
Prajapati Ikshvâku was the founder of this Sun Dynasty.
Sun Dynasty is one of the major Kshatriya lineages.
Suryavanshi/ Ikshvakuvanshi/ Raghuvanshi.

Koshal Rajya was the most flourishing, flowing with corn and wealth. With mountain like places glittering with gems and gold, Ayodhya appeared same as Surpati Indra's Amravati.
This mighty city was stretched in 12 Yojana.

It had spacious roads, well arranged shops, gardens, fountains , theatres for females, all kind of weapons and best of the Horses and Elephants.
In the reign of Chakravarti Maharaja Dashratha, the city was filled with thousands of Kshatriya Maharathas versed in fighting, and Brahminas versed in Veda, Vedangas.

Everyone was happy, truth speaking, learned and rich, and devoid any covetousness.
Source:Valmiki Ramayana
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