This morning's educational diversion has begun... I hope you'll join us #StockNerds $VTIQ $ZM $BYND $TSLA $TDOC $WORK $SPCE
A huge thank you to everyone who joined the broadcast this morning:) hopefully the strategies and techniques discussed help you in the coming week!! $VTIQ $ZM $TSLA $ZM $MNRA $BYND
Diversification is not how you protect and grow you IRA -- we explain this on the broadcast -- so many only learn this after it's too late -- @dvandenbord @1DannyStewart
$LK is a model book stock for me...I explain why and how this stock can help you become more successful -- it's in this wk's broadcast
@dvandenbord 's shirt of the week is becoming a thing and this wk's makes a huge statement :) $VTIQ $ZM
Using our "selling" technique to compound your accounts to gains is a huge secret to our success -- we hope this helps you!! We're covering this right now on the broadcast $TSLA $VTIQ $BYND $ZM $FSLY $MNRA
The technique @dvandenbord is describing has you starting with a much higher base of funds after pullbacks and selloffs-- this is a huge deal -- you can employ the same technique -- the strategy is in the broadcast $VTIQ $TSLA $BYND $ZM $TDOC
Target date funds are a hot mess and you won't know it until it's too late -- we're talking about this right now in the broadcast---these funds offer you little advantage and in corrections and bear markets they're downright dangerous -- huge points being made by @1DannyStewart
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