Dehing Patkai rainforest, known as "Amazon of the East" is about to lose its existence after NBW approval for coal mining activities in Saleki region of the forest. It is a tropical rainforest spread over 900sq kms in NE, rich in biodiversity. #SaveDehingPatkai
CIL has been illegally mining in the pristine forest threatening rare and endangered species. NBWL clearance for coal mining in Dehing Patkai will lead to drastic increase in animal-human conflict due to loss of natural habitats and forest ecosystem
Save our forests from corporate greed and exploitation. All mining activity in Dehing Patkai must be stopped
@MoEFCC clearances to projects that stand to attack indigenous forest land and resources in the Northeast and cause grave environmental injustice. #SaveDehingPatkai
Instead of stopping illegal mining, ensuring environmental protection from extractive activities the NBWL gave recommendation to legalise CIL’s mining proposal in #DehingPatkai
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