Black women are not here to save you. We are busy trying to save ourselves.
No, we don't need a Black woman VP or President. That's not automatically the answer.

Why? Black women are not all the same (not interchangeable). Also, it's not the job of Black women to perpetually fix the problems white ppl create.
Every Black woman you meet isn't Ella Baker or Shirley Chisholm. Not every Black woman has radical politics and a desire to lead movements or groups of people toward liberation.

Sometimes Black women are just chillin. Being Black. They aren't there to save you.
Let Black women be. That's it. That's the tweet.
At some point, y'all will realize that it's also misogynoir to constantly burden Black women with everyone's social and political problems. It isn't a compliment. It's both racist and uniquely sexist.
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