1. Every year, I am so surprised by the number of young Albanian people, both in KS and Alb, eager to post and engage in salutations of a religious holiday that in fact should feel foreign to them.
When did we become so religious and most importantly why?
2. I understand the “tradition” side of it, going to see family, eating sweet treats, the enthusiasm to find a reason to cheer and celebrate, but has anyone asked themselves what is in fact happening with so much religious indoctrination and why all of a sudden this young gen
3. is so much more eager to embrace religious activities than the generation of their grandfathers?
Someone should ask these questions and deal with them seriously.
4. Having said that, those who celebrate and believe that they’re doing something valuable for themselves and their country by being religious, Urime Bajrami and enjoy your bakllava and family time!
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