I see that certain people are really worried about sana and sidharth's image all of a sudden. They are suddenly "concerned" abt them. But what happened when they crossed their line n called up sidharth after bb? Wasn't tht a breach of his privacy?
That person made him really uncomfortable by asking him why was he following HH n others. The call recording was leaked and shld i remind them of what a havoc they caused on twitter? Need i remind them how many FWs they caused?
That wasn't the only incident though. This person also enraged the entire fandom and troubled many with their so called "news" which only "big handles" got to hear when in fact everyone was promised they would hear it. Wasn't that wrong too?
To give hopes to many and then disappoint them? To act like u know a news that others can only imagine about? This said person has continued to cause havoc on twitter. I agree they might love sidnaaz might do a lot for them. But these things they did were wrong too.
You can tell people to not do something nicely but blaming fans that they are the reason sidnaaz don't post anything anymore is also so wrong. They are celebs and they are used to this. STOP MAKING FANS FEEL GUILTY ABT EVERYTHING.
Sid and sana don't come online anymore because people like you cause fan wars all the time with your actions. Don't blame innocent people who take every precaution to not cause any trouble to #SidNaaz. pehle dekho ki tum kya karte ho😒.
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