Congrats! Bravo! Our friend of society, dynamic, #Maharashtra, CM @OfficeofUT, he is the worthy son of the most worthy father, the late & great #BalaSahebThackeray. He has taken a very bold,courageous, wise & timely decision regarding cancellation of domestic flights. He has
nipped the bud, in the nick of time. With due respect, to the Civil Aviation minister, we really wondered when the resumption of domestic flights were initially announced, perhaps without proper thinking & brainstorming decisions. All seats were to be occupied, even the middle
one, (really??) how would the rule of social distancing be maintained then? Otherwise, for security checks, at the counters etc at the airports a min of 2yd distancing is compulsory. Then what happens when you enter the aircraft which is chock-a-blocked?What kind of social
distancing are we talking about Sir? Why all of a sudden the rush to open up the skies? Congrats to the CMs of Punjab, Chhatisgarh, Kerala, Karnataka & West Bengal who have either refused or issued some riders of quarantine on arrival & some have asked for a longer ban.
They deserve credit for taking this stern & logical step keeping the well being of the people of the nation in mind.
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