Being #autistic in a world of leaders who lie, lie, lie all the time is a bit of a trial.
I know it's no fun for NTs too but the point I'm making is that #autistic people often have much stronger, more visceral reactions to injustice and dissembling.
A feeling of injustice can knock some #autistic people off course entirely. Some can even go into meltdown. Some autistic school students can get excluded for reacting strongly to injustice.
It's what seems to drive some #autistic activists - a powerful desire to right obvious wrongs. I think @ChrisGPackham and @GretaThunberg are famous examples of this.
Having leaders (people in authority who ought to do better) being so untrustworthy is trauma inducing to some #autistic people.
It's what can make some of us excellent advocates, teachers, activists, police officers etc. But it can also be a huge vulnerability as we suffer so terribly from being lied to or betrayed.
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