eid mubarak 💕! for eid, i want to celebrate muslim creators and artists!

reply with your work/info and i’ll do my best to rt them! i encourage you all to check out the other artists/rt their posts too!

#artistsupport #EidMubarak #eidmubarak2020
i’ll start with this! https://twitter.com/souratgar/status/1097989697824088064?s=21

please rt the original post to get it around/show others support!
i’ll also add this here too! my fav book series is coming to an end (im so sad) but you should preorder, or buy the whole series (totally recommend!) its an amazing story and beautifully written! https://twitter.com/sachakrabooks/status/1262400280827756544?s=21
this is also for me to remember to preorder it 😬
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