Might as well do this sure
Day1: A show that never should have been cancelled: FIREFLY
Day2: more people should watch and know about KIDDING
Day3: favourite new show DEAD TO ME
Day4: favourite show ever ANGEL & BUFFY probably but there are too many I love to choose from
Day5: a show I hate is BIG BANG THEORY
Day6: fave episode of fave show ... that's impossible but a big favourite is HUSH from Buffy
Day7: least favourite episode from a favourite show: probably the whole of season 12 from SUPERNATURAL
Day8: a show everyone should watch HOW I MET TOUR MOTHER, it's 100% better than Friends
Day9: best scene ever again impossible to choose... but in ANGEL, Epiphany when he realizes that "If nothing we do matters than all that matters is what we do" I'll never forget that line
Day10: a show I didn't think I'd like but ended up loving: GLOW, love that show
Day11: a show that disappointed: not entirely because I love the first few seasons but damn SCRUBS went way downhill appealing only to braindead viewers who enjoy extended scenes on JD's moronic fantasies like the floating head doctor,etc ugh nope.
Day12: episodes I watched more than 5 times hah that's a lot of them. When I can't find something good to watch all I do is rewatch my faves. It's probably Buffy/Angel or HIMYM or Friends... Let's say Friends, seen that more than 5 times for sure
Day13: favourite childhood show is the usuals that everyone's I think: everything Disney and Tom&Jerry. There was a French animation "The sunken world" I replayed all the time too,it had great songs in it!
Day14: favourite male character is probably Angel from the show ANGEL
Day15: favourite female character would be Robin Sherbatsky from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER
Day16: guilty pleasure the original SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH... it's so bad but very enjoyable 😂
Day17: favourite mini-series is definitely KIDDING
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