Eid Thread!

This year almost entire Muslim Ummah is celebrating Eid at home, as compared to going to the mosques in the morning to offer prayers, and then getting together with family and friends over delicious feasts in the evening. #EidMubarak 1/
Together with #CoronavirusPandemic and #PK8308 crash, collectively this is one of the most somber Eids of our life time. 2/
However, I can’t help but point out to the fact that Pakistani Ahmadis have been facing this new-normal for many years now. 3/
One of my earliest #Eidmemories is from the late 80s when I went to offer Eid prayers at one of the largest mosques of Pakistan, #AqsaMosque in Rabwah. 4/
There must have been 1000s of women in the women’s hall on the top floor & from the arch you could see a sea of the men making their way to the mosque’s courtyard. #eidmubarak2020
The mood was somber for some reason but for a kid, it was all about getting home quickly to get #Eidi and other presents. #EidUlFitr
During Eid prayers, each Sajda was quite an experience. Every time, we touched the ground with our foreheads, the mosque would start buzzing with sobbing, where everyone was praying earnestly for the return of their beloved leader, their Imam, their Khalifa. #EidUlFitr
Their tears on the most joyous day were also for the martyrs, for the prisoners of conscience, for those who lost their jobs because of their faith, the kids who despite working hard would get admissions in the colleges of their choice. #eidforahmadis
They were shedding tears for those who had to flee the country without their choice to escape persecution, those who would not return in the lifetime of their parents. #eidforpakistaniahmadis
As I was making sure the count of my Chooriyan in Sajda, I couldn’t help but notice this young girl in her early teens who was crying uncontrollably while in Sajda. And that kept happening until the prayers finally ended. #eidforpakistaniahmadis
After the prayers, as we said #EidMubarak to everyone, my mom hugged her and asked her, if everything is ok. She replied, “Khala Jan meray Abu jail main hain.” #EidforPakistaniAhmadis
Her words still echo in my ears to this day. She was forced to be separated from her dad on Eid day because of Pakistan’s draconian anti-blasphemy laws. #eidforpakistaniahmadis #eidmubarak
Up until 2009, at least Pakistani Ahmadis could go to the mosques to celebrate Eid and then get together with family and friends. #eidmubarak
But after the #Lahoreattacks on May 28th during Jumma, going to masjid as a family has become a far cry. #eidmubarak2020
Ahmadi Kids on Pakistan have no idea what it’s like going to the mosque to celebrate Eid. It’s been a decade that large gatherings have happened in any Pakistani mosque. #EidUlFitr
So those who are lamenting having to spend Eid at home, welcome to the lives of Pakistani Ahmadis, who are dealing with it for quite some time now. #EidUlFitr #eidforpakistaniahmadis
Praying for the better days to come soon, both in terms of pandemic and injustice.

May we all get back to celebrating Eid normally where there is no social distancing & no discriminatory laws against anyone in Pakistan or elsewhere.

That would be the real #EidMubarak
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