The reason why I don’t easily befriend other authors is I’ve seen first hand how many of them behave.

The arrogant assumption that people should read their books.

The petty comments on other authors’ profiles.

Those who worry so much what other authors do...
The ones who harass their readers. I mean, the fact that there actually are psycho authors out there who will doxx readers, find where they live and work, is fucking abhorrent!
Finally, the racist and anti-queer authors who are SO careful not to talk politics on their profiles because they want you to waste your hard-earned money on their books as they vote for people who will get you killed.
Truly, your actions matter more than your art, people.
So I don’t befriend many authors, and my life has been much better for it.

When I was in author groups, many authors brought me nothing but grief. Their behavior was often revolting and nauseating.

Authors can do so much better!
And btw, I am not part of any “writing community.” I’m part of the LGBTQIA community. Shit on my community and I will call you out. Don’t come crying when that http://happens.You  being an author doesn’t make me your friend nor does it mean I’ll keep silent if I see your bs.
So yes, unless your profile says “ally,” I’m unlikely to follow you. Sorry, not sorry. I’ve had my share of obnoxious authors attacking queers on here. 😒
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