#Waterford A thread. We are now in the final days of government formation negotiations. What delivery does Waterford (and by extension the South East) require from this government if they want not to be punished like @FineGael were across the region in the last election? /1
Every year the @SE_Econ brings us the stark figures of how #Waterford and the SE in comparison with the national figures. With regards to the proposed (stalled) Technological University (TU) it now seems all parties are in favour of this designation. So they can own it. /2
So what does a successful TU look like? It must have 12-15,000 students. It must have €20m per year investment - or be within 10% of what NUIG, UL, UCC and Maynooth get annually. In my opinion the merger is the opposite of progress but as I say - if you promote it, you own it./3
Regarding @UHW_Waterford it needs budget equality for it's existing workload. 24/7 cover (on call afterhours) for cardiac care and capital investment for a 480K population. Ideally a SE group within @HSELive structure and not coupled to (robbed by?) Cork. /4
If any motorway is to be built and @MarcKC_Green supported this during his election campaign it should be the M24 - it's cheaper and better business case than the M20. Airport should also offer connectivity of Kerry/Shannon/Knock to SE region. /5
A Regional economic agency to counterbalance the (increasing) gap in FDI perpetuated by @IDAIRELAND a la the Western Development Commission is required to attract jobs to Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny and Carlow - although latter prob prefer a link with Dublin rather than SE. /6
In bigger picture regional equality measures visible measurements and accountability from all government departments. County by county reporting. New Oireachtas Regional Committee should be established to review performance of all social, economic & cultural departments /7
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