I see a lot of "why isn't this being covered" or "why isn't anyone talking about this more" or "how is everyone so silent about this" when it comes to the number of people who've died from COVID, which has reached 100,000.

Honestly, probably more.

So...here's the thing...
America is very used to burying scores of Black bodies with zero fanfare. En mass with little to nothing of note for the lives lived and lost. It's a time honored tradition at this point.

They did it during slavery, they did it during Jim Crow, they're doing it now.
I understand that this is still (somehow) surprising for lots of people--and yes, unnecessary tragedy and insurmountable loss such as this SHOULD be shocking--but the blatant disregard for Black life shouldn't be a revelation every. damn. time.
Do you know how...infuriating, frustrating, devastating, mind-numbingly tiresome it is to see non-Black people act like every time is the first fucking time? As if we haven't been rising up and marching and suffering and dying since before colonizers renamed this stolen land?
I said this is an American tradition, but honestly this was happening before there was an America, so that's not even 100% correct. And I'm guessing you don't know, cause ya keep doing it!

*deep negro sigh*
I mean....y'all will RT and share videos of Black people being gunned down in the streets faster than you'll confront your racist friends and family on their bigotry, and then call it a successful day of activism.
And yeah, there's a pandemic, and everyone is going through it, but that means Black folk are dealing with that other shit ON TOP of quarantine fatigue or whatever.
We're always dealing with the same shit y'all say drains your mental health and makes you tired, but we got white supremacy and anti-Blackness bullshit piled on top of that. So, honestly, miss me with your lack of bandwidth on this.
Y'all never stop to think about how being Black compounds this nonsense. Like...never. When's the last fucking time you checked on your Black friends behind some racist bullshit? And I mean before COVID. Was that even something you considered? Probably not, because you'd be
messaging us every damn day. And I don't mean that "I'm so sorry this happened (again), oh man, this country sucks, I can't imagine."

No, I mean "what do you need? How can I lighten the load? Did you eat? Do I need to show up with a pizza and some cupcakes?"
"Do you have food? What's on your grocery list?"

Then order that shit and have it delivered.

We might decline, because Black grandmas, dammit at least OFFER. If you're not gonna demand better from your racist relatives, the least you can do is offset some of the struggle, fuck.
If you can afford it, put a couple dollars down on a bitch's phone or internet bill, find a ko-fi or a pay pal and make a donation.

Bake a bitch a cake! We like cakes!
Anyway....every damn day is an assault, and your shock only serves to tell us that, despite your claims to the contrary, you haven't been listening or paying attention.
Happy Sunday.
And let me just say, before somebody gets in their feelings, I am in no way saying anyone else's struggle with what's going on is invalid. Not a single tweet in this thread made such a claim or alluded to one.
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