So after reading a new tumblr post I got real triggered
I’m not gonna put in the name cuz I don’t want to end up exposing the and make them get angry at me
Most of their ‘fans’ were taking advantage of them for god who knows why.
I was in that fandom for 5 months so I was a bit-
-unsure about stuff.
While reading their tumblr post about the problem, I was mad. Like,, legit mad. I can’t believe people are like this nowadays. And that’s probably another reason why the fandom is turning toxic when it’s actually a nice place. If you all are one of these-
-please get a fucking life. What you’re doing is making this worse for them, their friends and yourself. Like,, stop pushing them to tell them what’s wrong that’s no gonna help. Just go somewhere and look for anyone who needs help and quit taking advantage of their depression-
-I had to be honest, you toxic idiots are making me sick. I had to experience all of this in school too. I always felt like killing myself because I feel like no-one wants to treat me like a human being like others and will just pick on me for god who knows why. And just to let-
-you know, it’s not them who had to deal with this, their friends, mutals, boyfriend and other people had to face all this troubles. Who the fuck do you think you toxic bitches are to not respect people’s feelings. If you’re fucking one of them, please stop. No I mean it please-
-Because of you, things aren’t gonna be the same for probably the rest of our lives. I was that person in 2019 and because of that, people hate me and sees me as a toxic person which made me suicidal about myself and regrets everything. Now I’m a changed person! I’m no longer-
-toxic like you retarded motherfuckers and I don’t wanna be toxic again. I’m not asking you to kill yourselves because you regret doing this cause that’s wrong of me to do that. I’m telling you to stop. That’s it. Just fucking stop, like for the love of Jesus Christ, when will-
-you idiotic assholes learn? Just tell me. http://WHEN.WILL.YOU .FUCKING.LEARN? Come on it’s not a hard question. I am purely SICK AND TIRED of the way you treat fandoms.
Congratulations. Just,,congratulations. You have just ruined yourself, everyone’s life and myself. Just-
If you feel called out for that, good. You should be. Cuz it’s not just that person I was talking about earlier. It’s also about his friends-
-mutals, boyfriend etc.
Yes you should feel called out because of the way we treated popular people and the way you think sharing feeling is just a shitty type of game. Like no. I’m not blaming all of you though, I trust you, but I NEVER trust most of the people who were toxic-
-for god who knows how long. It’s pisses me off. I want you to get a life for the last time. Please don’t make them feel awful about what they’re doing, don’t make them regret their life choices, just ask them if everything’s ok and if they’re not, don’t ask them to vent about-
-random shit. Just don’t. It’s gonna get worse. This happened for almost a month or two I guess? I am DISGUSTED in you guys. Stop mentioning people’s names, stop asking people about the same person. Just because they’re popular doesn’t mean you can ask persons what they know-
-about them. I am going to FOCKING snap if I catch any of you being an ignorant fuck. I want you to fucking get a life and stop this. That’s all I asked. Thank you
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