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a couple things:

→ this is a collection of fics i really like
→ this has a variety of ships
→ please, please read the tags on the fic itself first ok!
→ when i say it's explicit, i mean it
→ all fics are completed
→ this is a continuing thread
"the still point (of the turning world)" by inkingbrushes

— sope/yoonseok
— 70k+ words, mature
— archive warnings: mcd
— multiple lives au, reincarnation
— prepare lots of tissues
— this broke my heart so many times
— probably my fav fic ever

"if you love me won't you say something" by 777335

— yoonkook
— 100k+ words, explicit
— college/uni
— friends to lovers, slow burn, mutual pining
— so soft PLS
— is this what falling in love feels like
— beautiful writing
— one of my top faves

"stars lost in the sea" by smiles

— yoonjin
— 69k+ words, mature
— time travel au, magical elements
— writer!jin + lightkeeper!yoongi
— unique plot with a really pretty setting imo
— one of the best fics i've read recently

"morning, noon and night" by kaythebest

— vmin
— 14k+ words, teen and up
— college/uni
— tae finds himself in an awkward situation
— fluffy! w/ light angst
— tae is so cute here idk
— short read, but super cute

"you were more than just light (you were more to me than all of it)" by linzeigh

— minjoon/minimoni
— 14k+ words, explicit
— i said explicit!
— post-break up
— angst! so much angst!
— short, but quite a heavy read bc heartbreak

"art of us" by shooktannie

— taegi
— 46k+ words, explicit
— i said explicit!
— crime au, violence (please read tags)
— art thief!tae + detective!yoongi
— yoongi is a fool
— angsty, fast-paced. very enjoyable read
— there's a pt. 2!

"same damn hunger" by marienadine

— sope/yoonseok
— 40k+ words, explicit
— i said explicit!
— does this really need an intro, it's sdh
— slow burn, fwb
— recreational drug use
— this fic is everything

"starbucks or coffee bean?" by hyejinssi

— taekook
— 7k+ words, teen and up
— coffee shop au!
— college/university
— mutual pining, fluff!
— prolly the most lighthearted fic in this thread tbh
— it's short but i like it because it's super cute

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