It was on this day in 1738, that John Wesley’s ‘heart was strangely warmed’, at a #Moravian meeting in #Aldersgate, London. It is no exaggeration to say that this was the spark that lit 10,000 fires, the moment that launched a movement for profound societal transformation.
#Wesley rode 100,000s of miles preaching the gospel. #Methodism was born. The poor were trained to read & lead w/o the need for institutional ordination. Churches proliferated in homes. UK avoided a bloody revolution b/c of Wesley’s work transforming the predicament of the poor
When John Welsey’s ‘heart was strangely warmed’ on this day in 1738, a fire was lit that led to the first microfinance schemes for the poor, free education for all, the birth of the Salvation Army, the movement to abolish slavery and ultimately the next #GreatAwakening
On this anniversary of Wesley’s conversion, at this very remarkable time, thousands will gather tonight online to contend for another #GreatAwakening. ‘Lord, would you warm our hearts again. Send your fire. Spark Wildfires in our lands once more we pray. Amen.’🔥 @Wildfiresfest
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