For anyone who don’t know, Comme des Garçons is operated by fashion company I.T. in #HongKong. The owner, Sham Kar Wai was seen attending a police dinner gathering and is well known for treating workers terribly within fashion industry. This has nothing against CDG.
A photo of Sham at said police dinner. HKers hate this company for its terrible treatment towards staffs. Underpaid, pay cuts, forcing staffs to use annual/no paid leaves for their sick leaves. Sham is well known to be an all round jerk and tight ass within industry. #HongKong
1st time fashion company got attacked during protest, no looting.
Luxury biz in HK are careful approaching w/PR now.
These moneysuckers are not siding w/ protestors, more like suddenly they remember to serve local clients due to lack of tourism. After all they just want $.
Again this has absolutely NOTHING to do w/Comme des Garçon. If anything, I admire Rei Kawakubo A LOT! Her inspiration is often driven from freedom and rebellion (see pic). On that note I hope Dover St Market and CDG would stop their partnership with Sham Kar Wai’s I.T.
Here’s an internal email from fashion store I.T. (circulated online, confirmed fact by industry veterans) that they urgently pulled US brand “Awake NY” off shelves simply cause the brand posted on their OWN official Instagram in support of #HongKong.
It was also reported that I.T. was self censoring last year in the heat of protests to remove ALL umbrellas & fashion masks merchandise. I.T. sure did a lot to betray democracy. Many #fashion industry veterans commented they were surprised protestors waited till now. #HongKong
This fashion company is public - it has been dropped SIGNIFICANTLY since the protests. Guess the price to pay to be a #CCP bootlicker is very expensive.
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