The public-school educated, moneyed elites of this country really don't understand how apologies work, do they?
Disclaimer: not class envy, as I was educated at public-school too. That's precisely why I know what I'm talking about.
Fwiw, I was hugely privileged to have an excellent education, with many wise, kind and brilliant teachers. This is not meant as a slur on them. But public schools give a huge advantage to pupils: self-assurance and the ability to bluff. And those things lead to... men like Boris.
And the general sense I have is that those wise and kind teachers were often trying to *remove* the blinkers of privilege and entitlement that the boys came to school with.
This counter-cultural liberalism often failed in that goal. Instead, it provided a veneer of civility and plausibility to people who would go on to rule, with the deep sense that it was what they were born for.
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