The rise in number of cases in Bihar is extremely worrying. Instead of flattening the curve, it's showing exponential growth. We are already aware about the health facilities available in Bihar as a whole. Even cities like Mumbai have started to give up on capacity. @PurneaTimes
On the other hand testing in Bihar has been extremely slow. You can't justify testing less than 1000 people for a city which has a population of over 5 lakhs. It's like closing your eyes against reality. Further immigrants coming in regularly is making it only worse.
If you test only in quarantine centres without random sampling in residential areas, how do you even know if there is community spread? Is it still so unjust to test people who have flu like symptoms? At least allow them who want to pay? I don't know what are we so confident of.
Other problems like unemployment and resulting increments in criminal activities are also corelated. Focus on these areas is also required heavily. It's a difficult time for Bihar and everyone should acknowledge it. Utmost safety is required at this stage.
If we are opening up the economy, spreading will definitely rise. Are we prepared to handle a situation where 1000 cases start rising in a day in one city? I don't think Purnea has even that many hospital beds. Obviously its the worst case scenario, but I don't see it too far.
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