Bhai @RandeepHooda u saw something in news n u made up your mind.
1. Govt hsnt given any mining lease in #DehingPatkai .
2. The proposed land is far from #DehingPatkai ,out of its "eco-sensitive" radius.
3. Its nt obstructing elephant corridor.
b4 u make a judgement, pl research
You are fed a misinformation and you jump to grab it. Understand there is always two sides of stories.
Now, tell me, did you ever heard the phrase #DehingPatkai before this time? No, right!!
I knew it!!
you are a celeb and thus be responsible when you tweet. @RandeepHooda
Ppl are making and cooking up stories and i bet those who are behind this, havent even visited the site. I am from Assam and i know from my sources that its just another thing, propaganda and falsehood to create some kind of chaos. And, you are being a part of it!! @RandeepHooda
There is MoeF..
There is NBWL
There is SBWL
There is state govt..
There is a panel of eminent environmentalist..
Do you really think that all these people are fool, incompetent and not doing their duties.
#DehingPatkai @RandeepHooda
Whom would you like to believe?
MoeF, NBWL, SBWL, state govt, eminent environmentalists or some bunch of rabble rousers, who are feeding misinformations and lies.
I bet none of them would have even visited #DehingPatkai
Some more facts..
Lastly, read this thread, it will give you maximum insight...
“A significant number of Indian NGOs funded by donors based in US, UK, Germany n Netherlands hv been noticed to be using pple-centric issues to create an environment, which lends itself to stalling development projects,” the Intelligence Bureau said.
#DehingPatkai @RandeepHooda
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