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“Eyes up, soldier. Come here. And don't touch until I say so.”

Katsuki makes a strangled sound through gritted teeth.
Eijirou is on the table - their dining table, where guests eat food - legs crossed.

He's wearing a croptop like he's come straight from the gym. It says something stupid on it, but Katsuki doesn't care, because it's tight across Eijirou's chest and shows off his bulging biceps.
It's hard to focus on those arms when below, the silk of his stockings is smooth as his skin, held up by the belted lace garter. It hugs every curve, the black straps and delicate lace pulled tight over hard muscle.
Prying his eyes away from Eijirou's legs, Katsuki walks carefully from the door to the spot where Kirishima points with one firm finger.

“Ei, you-”

“And no talking.”

Katsuki steps forward until he's stopped by one high-heeled foot against his stomach.
Eijirou leans back on his palms and keeps his legs crossed.

He runs his foot up and down the front of Katsuki's legs, between his thighs, the sharp point of the shoe heel dragging like a blade.
Eijirou brings his toes up beneath Katsuki's crotch, feeling the strain of material that's much too tight. He pushes harder, pressing into his balls.

It takes everything Katsuki has not to step backwards.
Instead, he tries to move forward, and the pressure between his legs builds as Eijirou's firm leg pins him to the spot.

Katsuki stifles a groan.

Eijirou presses again, harder, rolling his foot, just this side of the line between teasing and torture.
The fabric of Katsuki's pants looks like it will split.

Then Eijirou drops his foot and uncrosses his legs.

He's not wearing underwear. Just the lace garter and stockings. Between his solid thighs his cock stands hard and proud, deep pink with arousal, ready.
Legs wide in invitation, Eijirou beckons Katsuki forward with a coy smile and a crooked finger. Katsuki steps up, flush with the table, standing between Eijirou's knees, hands clenching and unclenching in an effort not to touch.
Eijirou leans forward, the ghost of a kiss along Katsuki's tense jaw, and he inhales, drawing a deep draught, letting the dark spice of his lover's skin fill his senses.
He flicks out a tongue to taste the sweat along Katsuki's neck, feeling the straining tendons, the rasp of stubble on his chin, the flutter of his pulse, the bob of his throat as he swallows.
Eijirou takes Katsuki's left hand and places it on his knee, and the right hand he guides to his waist.

He can feel Katsuki's fingers itching to grip the perfect flesh, holding back from reaching around to grab the solid mounds of his ass.
Eijirou brings his hands up to rest one on Katsuki's waist, the other wraps around the back of his neck.

“Kiss me,” he whispers into Katsuki's parted lips.

He does.
Eijirou kisses like it's the last time he'll ever get to do this - and it just might be, but he won't think about that. He can only think /Katsuki Katsuki Katsuki/.
His hands stay where they are but he holds on tight, calloused fingers catching on black silk and buttery skin, gripping, hard and possessive, making indentations. They will leave bruises as on ripe fruit.
Katsuki pulls Eijirou closer, kissing back with more force, as if he can store up his fervor to be tapped later when they're apart.

Legs come up and wrap around Katsuki's hips, locking him against the table where he can feel the heat and hardness growing between them.
“Fuck,” Katsuki says, meaning it. “I wanna taste you, baby.”

Eijirou forgets that he said no talking.

“Okay. Okay yes, Katsuki, yes.”

Katsuki feels the legs and arms around him relent, and he drops to a crouch.
With his big strong hands, he strokes Eijirou's searing hot cock and licks his lips.

Then with a devoted tongue he leans forward and takes him into his mouth, pulling with his cheeks, sucking and pulling and hoping the taste will never leave him.
It's wet and hot, and Eijirou tangles his fingers in Katsuki's hair, gripping harder as the pressure builds, as the need builds.

Katsuki's hand joins the fray, twisting and stroking, dipping down to roll Eijirou's heavy balls between his fingers, squeezing them just so.
He sneaks a finger down to tease at his hole, and moans around Eijirou's cock when he feels the blunt stopper of a silicone plug.

Eijirou giggles at Katsuki's discovery, delighted at his successful surprise.

“You want me, baby?”
Katsuki nods as best he can with a dick in his mouth. He stares up at Eijiro in adoration. Cheeks flushed, lips wet, black lace and dark eyelashes -

/Fuck, you look so good like that. Fuck./

“Shirt off,” Eijirou commands.
Katsuki complies, quickly, already missing the taste of Eijirou's body. Eijirou also strips off his crop-top, nipples pebbling in the cool air.

Swaying as he stands, Katsuki feels dizzy from sucking cock, dizzy from crouching, dizzy from lust.
Hands on hips ground him. Hands, then, on his belt, at the zipper of his pants, frantic to free him from his confines. They kiss again, ravenous. The skin of their chests is searing hot and the contact is like pain and relief all at once.
His cock springs free, diamond hard and weeping precum, smacking down onto Eijirou's stomach with a weight too much to bear.

Eijirou cants his hips and scoots back, spreading his thighs wide and wanton as he leans back on his elbows
Katsuki's heart nearly stops at the sight. Eijirou reaches between his legs but Katsuki beats him to it, gripping the flat stop of the plug with his fingers to ease it out.
Normally he'd tease, pushing it back in, letting it catch on the red rim of Eijirou's greedy hole, tell him that he's such a slut. But there's no time for that now.

The plug hits the floor with a /thunk/, forgotten. Eijirou clenches hard around nothing, lube leaking from him.
He'd poured in an obscene amount, and Katsuki /feels it/ warm and sloppy and wet.

His eyes roll back in his head as he pushes his thick cock into the waiting, dripping heat.
With a few short thrusts he is fully sheathed, the slick slopping of lube squelching around him has him breathing hard and ragged. He can't hear it, though, because Eijirou lets out a moan as his body tightens around the intrusion.
“Oh fuck, Katsuki, fuuuuck. Baby you're so fucking big it fucks me up every time how the fuck oh my fuck...”

“You're just too tight for it, babe. Just so tight for me, so good, so perfect, gonna feel good, make you feel me, make me feel so good...”
It's pretty nonsense and they babble it at each other as Katsuki fucks into Eijirou with every ounce of strength he has. The table squeaks beneath them, wood banging into the wall. Surely the neighbors will complain.

Eijirou's cock is bouncing and leaking with want.
Katsuki leans back and pulls Eijirou up onto him, burying himself deep inside as Eijirou's weight slams their bodies together. Eijirou wails as Katsuki lifts him and punches his hips upward. Again. Again. /Again!/
With Eijirou's thighs clamped around him, Katsuki blindly walks them to the nearest chair and sits down, hard, Ei's wight following him down, knocking the breath from both of them.
Grinding down and rolling his hips, Ejirou braces his hands on the backrest of the chair and rides Katsuki like he's the last train outta dodge.

“Fucking fuck, Ei, Eijirou, baby, love you, fucking love you, so fucking sexy you did all this for me, did it for me so good to me.”
He licks and kisses and bites at Eijirou's chest and clavicle, sucking dark hickeys into the hollow of his throat. Eijirou maps his those broad shoulders with his hands, as if he hasn't already committed them to memory.
Katsuki's gripping Eijirou's ass as he bounces him, fingers digging to bruise, leaving handprints that are surely blooming like fire on his skin. Eijirou brings a hand down between them to clutch at his cock, pressed hard between their bodies.
They're delirious, sweating, growling and snarling and moaning and panting, eyes locked, foreheads pressed together.

“Fill me up, Katsuki. Fucking fill me up. Wanna cum with you, baby. I want you to fuck me up for days. Wanna feel it all week. Wanna feel it, fucking cum in me..”
“Yes, yes! Fuck, gonna breed you, gonna knock you up, so close gonna cum soon fuck, baby cum with me, cum on my cock just like that cum with me FUCK FUCK YES!”

Eijirou pitches forward with the force of his orgasm, cum streaking out, spattering the underside of their chins, dripping down their chests. Eijirou sobs from the force of it, sending Katsuki over the edge.
He bites down hard on Eijirou's shoulder, groaning loud as he empties himself into Eijirou's trembling body.

His hips keep bucking with the aftershocks of his release, sending tremors up through Ejirou's very core.
Dragging air into their lungs with heaving breaths, they sit interlocked for minutes, just breathing and kissing and holding each other close, heedless of the sticky mess they've made.
Eijirou's stockings are ripped, and Katsuki's pants are soaked. They would ruin their clothes a thousand times over if it meant staying like this.
Katsuki wraps his arms tight around Eijirou's middle, clutching him as Eijirou nestles his cheek in Katsuki's hair, winding his arms around Katsuki's neck, humming softly.

The vibration of his low, tuneless hum is soothing, keeping the world - and tomorrow - at bay.

<<<THE END>>>
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