1 : A young Dalit girl Jyoti Kumari had to travel for more than thousand of kilometer carrying her injured father in cycle from Gurgaon to Bihar amidst lock down. This should be a matter of shame for the Indian Govt as well as the "civil society" rather than a matter of pride.
2: This should be an indicator of the apathy of the Govt and the numbness of the middle class "civil society" for whom the plight of these workers who serve them in the city never mattered. As long as they extracted cheap labor, that's all mattered.
3: Did these metropolitan cities & it's educated middle & upper middle class masses ever think about the habitation, dignified wage, formalizing their labor, health insurance or education of the worker's children.
4: They never would and it is both class & caste consciousness where the workers are usually lower caste, Dalit and Adivasis from Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Chhatishgarh etc. Caste consciousness yes, who else lives in those high flying building of Gurgaon, Noida or the gated colonies.
5: Who can afford cheap labor, who owns those Bidi factories, Textile mills, Garment factories, hotels in the cities. From Surat in Gujarat to Tamilnadu and Hyderabad. The workers are made to live in tiny congested places as slaves barely surviving.
6Such is the condition of living in an unorganized informal economy of service or manufacturing sectors. The migration too is forced due to the strong hold of rural dominant castes on economy,supply chains, displacement due to corporate land grabbing,seasonal works, landlessness.
7:How are these not related to monopoly of Caste & class interests of few castes in creating such ground for migration for the Lower castes, Dalits and tribals to migrate from their places. When they go to the cities, they are demarcated in their ghettos from the "Civil society".
8: At best they are intimate anthropological objects of some researchers, documentary makers or Photographers. They are not intimate human beings for anyone.
Are they in such state due to not hard working, due to not being smart, are they victims ??
9: Which hard work are the children of Ambanis, Kapoors & the Khatris & Kammas & Bengali Brahmins doing ?? It is about subjugating the the lower caste, Dalit & Adivasi masses using state machineries, using neoliberal economy & using the perennial societal norms of caste system.
10: If there is no imagination of an universal humanity where the other human being too can live a dignified life with health care, education, employment opportunities with social security till then the sickness of Indian society shall continue to exist. We don't know what awaits
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