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When The Tea Party movement was growing rapidly, I was in my early 20's and became a HUGE Allen West fan.

* Allen West was member of The Tea Party Conservative Group (Along with Paul Ryan and Ann Coulter)

West rode his rise in the TPC to the House & served 2011-13
Recently Allen West had announced he was going to challenge incumbent James Dickey, for the chairmanship of the Republican Party in Texas.
The only reason I started digging, was because the thing that struck me as odd...

The earliest report I could find of any news article was at 7:17 EST.

Waco, TX where the accident occurred is Bush country.
It struck me as odd that the news, Waco PD, & McLennan County Sheriff PD, even didn't report or notify of incident until AFTER TX Land Commissioner George P. Bush.

Jeb's son, nephew of GWB - was first to break the story. Even ahead of Team West themselves. What a coincidence?!
I'm not saying it wasn't just an accident. What I am saying is challenge everything. Question everything.

This years election has massive repercussion. West is a threat. Georgie boy is targeted. Make what you want of all this information. Think for yourself.

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