Beautiful places to visit in Georgia: a thread bc I could not resist and most of these places are so beautiful I had no idea
Of course I will start with the Rock Garden in Calhoun, Georgia even though i made a separate post
Gibbs Gardens located in Cherokee County, Georgia it looks like fairies would live here for real... Anne would love this
Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area located in Stewart County, Georgia
Cumberland Island which is located in Camden County, Georgia. It gives big PEI vibes to me and I am here for it
Amicola Falls... which is located in Dawsonville, Georgia. I am hopefully going there tomorrow if it doesn’t rain
Dunaway Gardens which is located in Newnan, Georgia. It is gorgeous as well and I am in love. Many people get married here so that’s cute
Callaway Resort and Gardens located in Pine Mountain, Georgia. I had to include it even if it’s a popular tourist attraction bc much like the other places it’s stunning!!
Kolomoki Mounds State Park located in Early County, Georgia. I swear most of these places I’ve never been too and I feel this thread is just a dump for places I wanna visit in the future. But also nature is so gorgeous as well
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