Poland's oldest dancehall sound system is ~31 years old. Fucking Poland. Poland who was shut off from the outside world had dancehall music nearly immediately dancehall took off globally and legit the SAME YEAR their borders opened.
What you mean by not influencial? Lmfaoooo.
Not people in south africa covertly blasting reggae in anti-apartheid protest (the same reggae that gave global attention to apartheid) from the 70s for people to come fix their mouths in ignorance (because our ministry of tourism yes, maastas everything.)
Not Gondwana spearheading Latin Reggae (no, not reggaeton or dembow, though those were us, too) from 1987 CHILE lmfao unu come out a mi face
Finishing up w Jamaican music in Asia becaus it was the Japanese, after having fallen in love with reggae from the 1970s, who brought reggae music to Berlin, which then used reggae & dub elements in its techno.
China has whole reggae labels and dancehall deh a India DECADES now
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