1/This short thread is on FBI Director Wray, Optics/Game Theory, Sessions & Q - general theme to remember is to #TrustThePlan
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2/To understand Wray's role you must understand Game Theory. Logically what roles could he play?

1. White hat
2. Black hat
3. & Gray hat

FBI director is very important spot because it oversees & can direct investigations in all branches.
3/Remember years ago Christopher Wray went to all the fields sites & met with the different leaders of each of them. Pretend that you are Wray. You can't know all the rogue agents everywhere & remove them all at once. So how do you figure who is who & what is what?
4/You put on a Gray hat & play along, not rocking the boat & spooking all the spooks. You are running the day to day FBI operations. It never was & never could be your role to investigate the corrupt FBI. That would be a conflict of interest.
5/That's why MI has spygate, U1, CF & you only provide assistance when asked & stay out otherwise. Bulldog Durham will run point those big issues. You pretend to stop the investigations (that you were never invited to be part of).
6/You take public heat from Trump & his people (as public show). You gather intel on who is doing & not doing their jobs in bureau. You hold your vital Director spot & either relinquish later, or take quick & decisive action when called upon.
7/If Trump did not think you were doing your job, he could have replaced you yesterday. You can't take action until certain things have already happened. Russiagate failed. Mueller report failed. Impeachment failed. The other side has expended much of their ammo.
8/The weaker they are before you retaliate, the better off Patriots will be in the end. Q has said to Trust Wray & Sessions. The swamp runs much deeper than we all think. Game Theory strategy is playing out at the highest levels. Soon, Traitors will have their day of reckoning.
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