1/ Why do governments of the world prescribe these arbitrary different social "distances" ?

Bottom line: they don't trust you.
One of the top scientific advisers to the British Government said the two-meter (6'6") social distancing rule is based on 'very fragile' evidence.
People in the UK have been urged to stay at least 2m, or six-and-a-half feet to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19.
Other nations have cut their rules down to a 1m gap, which advocates say could help businesses get back to work faster and help to kick-start the economy.

These differences are getting embarrassing.
From the piece: "The same advisor has even suggested that it is being clung to by British officials because they don't feel they can trust the public to manage a shorter distance. "

Annnnd that's the real reason a LOT of these rules exist. You are children to them.
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