Ever have a day on social media where you just wish you had a stock meme to direct at any & all conservative trolls and cultists? Something like "You're wrong, and you're wrong, and you? You are especially wrong!"? This trying to explain basic things is exhausting. #cdnpoli 1/10
I am so done with conspiracy theorists. No. No one is trying to insert tracking devices in your body, or monitor whether you have had all the vaccines they want you to have. 2/10
No. The country is not being destroyed by the Liberals. Real people are being helped by the COVID programs. Your political masters may prefer that everyone is desperate and destitute, but that is inhumane, nasty, and not what Canada is about. 3/10
No. The Prime Minister is NOT under house arrest or investigations for anything. That's just stupid. Jason Kenney is under investigation for a bunch of things. That should trouble you. The PM is fine. 4/10
No. Your desire to get a haircut does not constitute an emergency. Your desire to get a tattoo or a body rub is even less of an emergency. If you are pissed that gyms are closed, try working out at home. There are loads of online workouts that don't require equipment. 5/10
No. Your freedoms are not being impinged upon. You are being asked to stay home so we can all be safe. You are receiving benefit money, you have Netflix, you have time to pursue your hobbies. Suck it up. 6/10
No. Parliament meeting in person is not essential. Every big corporation on the planet is meeting virtually right now. It keeps people safe. In-person Parliament only provides Scheer and the CPC with more opportunity to be asses in front of the camera. 7/10
No. The CERB is not going to make Canadians lazy. If you think that, then you have a dismal opinion of your fellow citizens and maybe you should rethink your values. 8/10
No. The government is not up to all sorts of skulduggery under the guise of an emergency. That's the UCP you are thinking of. 9/10
I am so exhausted with dealing with opinionated idiots. People who get their info from PragerU, Rebel, Breitbart, and a slew of other completely shady and non-factual sources. You guys are wrong. And it really isn't a good look. 10/10
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