1. #Qanons Being an informed #freethinking individual takes a certain level of effort and responsibility. To defeat any enemy takes knowledge. Knowledge is the root of all power. Therefore to understand what lies at the bottom of this rabbit hole, you must first ...
2. seek the truth within yourself #QAnons. At the entrance of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi there was written

Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν transliterated: gnōthi seauton
Latin: nosce te ipsum or temet nosce

When translated from Greek, it means to 'Know Yourself' This is important ...
3. in every aspect of life. For it is YOU #QAnons that holds the truth.

There are only two perceptions of truth that can be understood within the universe. The first is the absolute. It is unknowable and incomprehensible . It is truth in its totality. We can only know it ...
4. through relationship and discovery, but never fully comprehend. Self evident truth comes about through internal investigation. Through the weeding out of the garden of the #QAnons mind, by eliminating and reducing the conditioning that has enveloped your perception of ...
5. the world.

This happens when you #QAnons question your beliefs and the foundations of who you truly believe yourself to be. It is a necessary right of passage for one to shed themselves from the illusion of the condition of reality ...
6. Right now, in this world, there is a battle waging to see certain levels of power and authority over the future and course of humanity. I know it sounds crazy, everytime I think of it, it sounds crazy #QAnons

That is because society, culture, entertainment and the media ...
7. have conditioned us #QAnons to believe that to be so. But does it really seem that far fetched?

Thank you @EthicalHackerXs for their (not mine) articulated eloquence.

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