Alright my Space Coast friends, who would be up for planning an event to be caught on satellite once restrictions have dropped? I'm understanding the precision of the time images are taken and I feel like if we organised a group big enough we could make something really cool!
Image above taken by #Sentinel3 @ 2020-05-23 15:10:54 UTC
All further images in this thread were taken by #Sentinel2 @ 2020-05-23 16:15:30 UTC
There was a light cloud over the area during the pass today so we don't have the clearest images, but here's LC-39A with Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon on the pad 🚀 And incredible images from @Maxar
A cloudy Roberts Road patiently awaiting it next step to become a SpaceX launch support facility.
Blue Origins LC-36 & support facilities at Exploration Park.
LC-48 a plug-and-launch facility for small launch vehicles.
Port Canaveral where OCISLY awaits its adventure to go and catch the DM-2 booster!
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