Ok just can you imagine.
Aphrodite always claims her children in big way and blesses them with more beauty. Bakugou celebrating after a huge fight with the Ares cabin and suddenly all the dirt and blood is gone, his clothes are brand new and stylish and his hair is like silk https://twitter.com/theGingerTrekie/status/1263961503025246210
He changes from ragged, scuffed up demigod into a sparkling Prince in /seconds/, he's humiliated and furious. The Ares kids start making fun of him, Kirishima has to practically drag him away.
It's worse when Bakugou has to move his stuff from the Hermes cabin to the Aphrodite cabin. Everyone is staring, no one saw this coming. Bakugou hates Everyone in the Aphrodite cabin too, focused on their looks and shit that doesn't matter.
And his mother's blessing is like salt in the wound. Bakugou tries to tear his clothes, get dirt on his skin, and mess up his hair, but nothing changes. He looks like a stylist has been working on him for hours.
He dumps his shit in the middle of the Aphrodite cabin then stalks back to the arena. It's past curfew, but no one would dare mess with Bakugou. Not now.
He tries to punch his knuckles bloody but it just won't happen. So he curses and shouts, breaking anything nearby until he dissolves into frustrated tears, his heaving pants broken by angry sobs.
"I /HATE/ you" Bakugou screams, nails digging into the soft Earth "I wish you had never claimed me!"
(Of course I'm making this kiribaku who do you take me for)

And that's how Kirishima finds his best friend, forehead pressed into the dirt as if he were begging for forgiveness, roaring so loud it echoed through the entire camp. His body was trembling.

Bakugou's head snapped up, his face should be covered in dirt and snot and angry tears, but instead it looked how people cry on movies. Face flushed evenly, eyes clear despite the crying, not a speck of grime on his skin.
"The fuck do you want?" Bakugou growled, throwing a handful of dirt at Kirishima.

"I wanted to see if you were ok..."

"What's it look like you shit head?"

Kirishima bit his lip, eyes scanning the other boy.

"To be honest you look... Weird"
Bakugou scowled, but his skin refused to crinkle in its usual way.


"You look like you got airbrushed. It's weird. Not like you."

The blond's face relaxed and he sat down "it's this dumb blessing"
"Here maybe I can..." Kirishima mumbled, dropping down in from to Bakugou and grabbing two fist full of earth.

"What are you-"

The red head cut him off by slapping both his cheeks. Bakugou cursed and sent a good into Kirishima gut, causing him to double over with a groan.
"the /fuck/"

"Did it work?" Kirishima wheezed, looking up at Bakugou's still sparkling face. The dirt slid off like it was on a nonstick surface.

"It's a goddesses blessing you dumbass, no it didn't work!"
Kirishima stuck his bottom lip out in a pout as Bakugou stood up. The blond brushing the nonexistent dirt off his knees out of habit.

"You shouldn't have come, shitty hair, you'll get in trouble for breaking curfew"

"S'not like the Hermes cabin will miss one person"
Bakugou grabbed Kirishima's hand and helped him to his feet.

"They'll know you're gone because it'll be quiet for once. At least in my new cabin I'll get some sleep without your ungodly snoring"

Bakugou snorted and rolled his eyes before turning towards the exit. Kirishima smiled at the blond's back and followed him back towards the cabins.

"I'll miss being bunk buddies though" he said quietly

"I won't" Bakugou replied, but there was no heat in his voice.
"Maybe I'll get claimed soon too"

"What difference will that make, not like we'd be in the same cabin unless you got claimed by Aphrodite and there's no way-"

"Yeah I know, I got a face only a mother could love. I got it." Kirishima shoved his hands in his pockets.
His words had come out much harsher then he meant it to. It's not like Kirishima wanted to be claimed by the same godly parent as Bakugou anyway. That would really throw a wrench in his plans...

"What? That's not what I was going to say you idiot!" Bakugou snapped
"Yeah sure" Kirishima grumbled

"You know your mom is a mortal, I've /met/ her." Bakugou hissed, hitting the red head with his shoulder

"Oh right"

"'Oh' is right. You're stupid not ugly, shitty hair."
"Oh" Kirishima whispered, he looked at the Aphrodite cabin and then at the Hermes cabin "do you have to go tonight?"

"I got claimed."

"Y-yeah I know but..." Kirishima squirmed "couldn't you go tomorrow?"

"My shit is in Aphrodite's cabin"

"And someone already took my bunk"


They stood in an uncomfortable silence for a few moments.

"I gotta go" Bakugou grumbled turning his back to Kirishima.

"Kirishima! It's passed curfew!!" Sero hissed, sticking the upper half of his lanky body out of the cabin window "if Mr. D finds out it'll be both our asses now stop talking to your sparkly ass boyfriend let's go!"

Kirishima choked on his words, face bright red "h-hes not my-"
"The fuck did you call me soy sauce face?!"
Bakugou was yelling so loud that it woke up half of the camp. Sero was trying to be responsible and quiet the angry half blood, but he couldn't stop himself from smiling at the other boy's tantrum.
"Sparkly ass, momma's boy" Sero hisses through his smirk, ducking back into the cabin as one of Bakugou's shoes flew at his head.

"I'll kill you!"

"Hey hey" Kirishima said quietly, holding Bakugou back as the blond tried to storm the cabin "it's not worth it!"
"S'not like I have anything to lose at this point" the blond grumbled, but stopped fighting and picked up his shoe "I'll see you tomorrow Kirishima"

The red head wanted to say something, but he couldn't think of anything before his best friend slumped to the Aphrodite cabin.
Breakfast the next day was even worse.

Kiri had already sat down by the time Bakugou walked in, looking perfect. His bed head looked intentional, eyeliner from the day before flawless. Even his wrinkled clothes he slept in looked freshly pressed.

The blond seemed miserable.
Kirishima has saved Bakugou a seat, forgetting the blond had to sit with the rest of his brothers and sisters at the Aphrodite table.

Bakugou sat at the farthest corner of his table, several empty seats between him and the other Aphrodite kids.
The children of Aphrodite were nice. They had a reputation for being a little stuck up and self absorbed, but Kiri had always liked them. They were the complete opposite of the Ares kids who Bakugou seemed to get along with before now.

The Ares kids wouldn't even look at him.
An elbow in Kiri's side tore him from his thoughts

"Dude, you're staring" Kaminari whispered, stealing some fries off his plate.

"O-oh" the red head looked down "it's just... He looks upset"

"He looks sparkly"

"Shut up"

"He /does/"
The day goes it so slowly without Bakugou. The Aphrodite kids are paired up with the other cabins for activities, the Hermes cabin (since it's overflowing with the unclaimed campers) have more than enough kids to do activities alone.

Kirishima hates it.
He used to spend all day with Bakugou. They'd wake up together and they'd go to sleep together.

Sure there was always that awkward feeling in the back of Kirishima's mind wondering if he was possibly, accidentally flirting with his half brother, but he managed to ignore it.
Now that Bakugou was claimed and they didn't share the same father the blond was finally fair game to make a serious move, but now Kirishima didn't see him at all. He didn't even get to talk to Bakugou until it was time to split into teams for capture the flag.
And even than they ended up on different teams.

This felt like the worst day of Kirishima's life.

It wasn't, but that's what it felt like.
Kirishima was terrible at strategy games and he got stuck trying to capture the flag with Kaminari and Mina of all people. It wasn't a winning team.

They stumbled through the woods together. Kirishima was the only one taking the game seriously, leading his little group.
Mina and Kami were snickering and joking. The daughter of Dionysus had snuck a bag of grapes from the mess hall and since her father was the god of wine... Well...

"Can't you get tipsy later" Kirishima groaned.
"Yeah but that's no fun" Kami giggled, as Mina popped a fermented grape into his mouth "lighten up' bro, you've been a downer today"

A twig snapping caused them all to freeze and drop down into the underbrush.

It was Bakugou, his armor shining like it was freshly polished.
His weapon was already drawn as he paced around his team's flag.

/Oh shit!/ Mina mouthed.

They weren't supposed to find the flag, literally anyone else should've found it. Up against Bakugou in hand to hand combat there was no chance.
Mina didn't bring a weapon. Kiri had his broadsword but that was also Bakugou's weapon of choice.

Kam had brought a bow and arrow, but he couldn't aim for shit. The blond only excelled in fights when no one else was around. It was like he had performance anxiety or something.
"What are we gonna do?" Kaminari hissed

Mina shrugged and Kirishima bit his lip. If they fought they would definitely be captured. Maybe they could retreat and let the rest of the team know where the flag was...

Kaminari shifted and another branch cracked under his foot.
"Who's there" Bakugou called out, a devilish smirk stretching across his face.

They were fucked.

Kami started scrambling, pulling off his bow and thrusting it into kiri's hands before making wild gestures with his hands.

/what??/ Kiri mouthed.
Bakugou was getting closer.

"Shoot randomly, make a noise"

Well that was a dumb idea. Bakugou would see the arrow come from their location, but Kirishima didn't think about that as he grabbed an arrow from Kami.
Kiri had never held a bow before, but it felt right. It fit in his hand perfectly. He pulled back the arrow and, for once, felt confident.

"Come out! I know you're there!"

Kirishima stood up, arrow set, Bakugou was only a couple of feet away.
The blond seemed startled by the red head's sudden appearance, but recovered quickly and raised his sword.

Time seemed to slow down.
Kirishima scanned Bakugou for openings and there was only one non lethal one. His eyes zeroed in on that tiny spot and took aim.

He let the arrow fly, it zipped through the air at lightning speed, grazing the skin of Bakugou's hand, catching the flag before lodging into a tree.
Bakugou yelped and dropped his sword eyes wide with shock as he stared at Kirishima's serious face.

Kiri's heart was racing, like he had just run a marathon. Adrenaline coursing through his veins.

It took him a few seconds to realise that no one was moving.
The red head frowned, lowering the weapon.

"Why are you..."

There was a bright light over Kirishima's head. He had to squint to look up at it.

The light reached down, swirling around the bow in his hands until it was completely enveloped in blinding light.
"Kirishima Eijiro" a strangely familiar voice echoed through the forest "I, Apollo of the sun, claim you as my son. This bow is my gift to you, may your path always guide you straight and true like your arrows. Trust your heart, my son."
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