In 2006, $50B Was Set Aside For The 'Secure Fence' Act. It Was Supposed To Be A Wall Fence 700 Miles Long.
President GW Bush Signed The Bill And Obama Was To Oversee The Project. On May 16, 2011, Obama Announced That The Fence Was Virtually Completed.
There Was Only 36.3 Miles of The 700 Mile Fence Completed When He Made The Announcement.
It's Just A Barrier To Keep Vehicles Out. Not A Security Fence. Where's The Remainder Of The $50 Billion That Was Set Aside For The 'Secure Fence'? Where'd The Money Go???
#ObamaGate #BuildTheWall #F4
There's an Area Close To Arizona Where You Can Actually See A Main Highway In Mexico... This Area Is Called The 100 Yd Dash!
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