I should have Created a Thread Myself explaining why I Full Blown Support the Restart Opposition

I Understand All Sides and why this confused some people

I will drop a Thread which will eliminate all confusion

Restart is like US Trump Supporters vs. the US Deep State https://twitter.com/RM_new3/status/1264346218475532295
Comparing Restartees to the Regime of lran

is like

Comparing Trump Supporters to the worst people found in the ClA

It's like saying All Americans are like the ClA
There are 2 teams found on Earth

1 team is fighting for Freedom

1 team is fighting for Divisions
Enter: The Global Game of RISK

This is the Game Q refers to, he specifically names this game in 2 Q posts


Notice it's like Pi for the Divisions, it goes on Forever unless it, like a Virus, is Cured/KiIIed
For this Game, our part is Information

The Information War

People will only divide with each other if they believe disinformation

People would *Only Join* Team Division if they believed Disinformation

Does this make sense so far?
Why were the People of lran (now Restart) hostile to America before?

the exact question, which answers the above, is

Why were we Democrats (majority of us) before Trump?

We Believed Bad Political Information.
The @restartleader *somehow* Spread the Truth to the Persian People and

I personally believe the Q Team is involved but this is simply my opinion

The Censorship in lran makes ours LOOK TAME -

I've fought Non-Stop 14 Years in the Information War and am saying this
Now you see the fruit of the labor of @restartleader

All of these videos, graphics, Tweets, threads, information on and outside of this website by Restart Opposition (RO for short)

Showing a United Persia with their Top Allies, the US & Israel
The Equal is how @POTUS @realDonaldTrump woke us up

Trump gave us the Truth, and we researched, and woke up by our own Choice

Apply the above to the Persian People, and replace the name Trump with @restartleader

Only by believing Disinformation would we join Team Division
After reading this

Can you see why attacks on people, like me, trying to Bridge People Together, have now increased RIDICULOUSLY high?

Why are they continuing [internal]?
Attacks will intensify [all sides].

What CAN'T the lranian Regime HAVE?

1. The Persian People United (too late)

2. The World United WITH The Persian People = GAME OVER!

Ask yourself a simple Question

Why does Q put so much Emphasis on the People of Persia [lran]?

It seems weird if you're from America right?
To All Americans:

Why exactly would Q expend so much energy on These People, the Persians? Note the hashtags RESTART etc

Does Q tend to miss details, ever?

If Q makes a 'mistake', does Q tend to immediately make a correction

On The Move right?
Long Day right?

Q miss tags or?
Why so much Focus on the People of Persia [lran]?

Nothing to See Here?

Or is there something Very BIG to See Here?

Please Pause to re-read these 4 Q Posts @ Everybody
Many People have been placing Words in my Mouth

And trying to Lie & Claim I'm saying Other Nations are Less Important

Every Nation Must Be Freed or None of us are Free

However, I'm lacking in Psychic Abilities and can't read minds

Persians Asked for their Voices to be Spread
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