unfortunately the wardrobe selection in this game is so limited that I cannot actually dress like a Blues Brother because, dear god, this game is just the police chase from the end of the movie stretched to a sixty-hour game with most of the fun removed AND I WANT TO ADD IT BACK https://twitter.com/LindsayPB/status/1264345628961837063
also this game came out in.... 2014?

carrie fisher was still about, why is she not in this turning up to try to murder you in increasingly outlandish ways and the endgame involves the entire city exploding but you're still fine, because reasons
oh I'm not put off at all, playing Minnie the Moocher over all of the SERIOUS PLOT EXPOSITION and the rest of the OST over wrecking Chicago in a car is the most fun I've had in a video game in a very long time

it's great

just not how the devs intended https://twitter.com/RosettaBoned_/status/1264348599086964738
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