If you're following the twitters, you may know President Trump and his former Attorney General are "debating" in 280 character bursts. Trump's chief complaint about Sessions doesn't really make any sense tho... 1/2
Trump says Sessions shouldn't have recused himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation --- i.e. he should have "managed" it. But Trump could have done anything Sessions could have done... himself. Trump is --- famously --- in charge of everything in the exec br. 2/3
Yet Trump didn't intervene. What was Session supposed to have done in Trump's mind, and if it was the right action, why didn't Trump just do it?

I'll tell you why. Eh you know why. 3/3
(The President is not actually in charge of everything in the executive branch, but Trump has claimed he is, so for the purposes of this thread, we'll accept his point of view.)
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