My interaction with @RahulGandhi

In 2018, I got an opportunity to meet and interact with him. This meeting had changed my perceptions about him. He was calm, cool and composed. A very deep listener (rare in Indian politics), and always open to learning new things. 1/5
His questions were quite reflective and constructive. I still remember when he asked our opinions about mass-based and cadre-based organization. Whether Congress should be a mass-based party or should be a cadre-based party? 2/5
A national president and PM in waiting was eagerly listening to all of us without any judgements. He created a space for a nuanced discussion. One of his team members @vidyarthee was taking notes too. :) 3/5
Yesterday, after watching his interaction with migrant workers, again pushed me to make me believe that in the current scenario, this man is one of the most sensitive, innocent and humble politicians in India. He deserves to be treated in a better manner. 4/5
Yes! He is not politically shrewd, he doesn't know the dirty tricks. But his idea of India is far better than our PM's idea of India.

As Manmohan ji once said, "History will be kinder to me." Yes! History will be kinder to him as well.

Way to go @RahulGandhi.


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