Does anyone want to do this with me? I’m bored and lonely 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

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1. Emily
2. M&M (like the candy)
3. April 18th 1995
4. I don’t know my height 😅
5. Brown
6. Black
7. I don’t have any piercings
8. I don’t have any tattoos either
9. I don’t wear glasses
10. I have 3 sisters and 0 brothers
11. I have 1 dog 🐶
12. I don’t have a crush on anyone at the moment
13. Single
14. I think a date on a rooftop looking at the sunset 🌅 would be a nice date to go on
15. No I don’t drink
16. No I don’t smoke
17. Spiders
18. To travel around the world 🌎
19. I have a old scar on my head from the time I ran into the wall when I was a little girl because my dad was chasing me around the house
20. My favorite season is Spring because I’m a nature lover so I love being outside, one time my mom said she believes I’m a fairy 🧚🏼‍♀️ because I love being outside
21. Wow this one is hard, i stan ALOT of groups since i’m a kpop multi so for now I guess I’ll name 5 groups even though I stan more then 5 groups (a life of a multi 😅)

1. Cravity
2. BTS
3. GOT7
4. ACE
5. Victon

1. Taeyoung
2. V/Taehyung (BTS)
3. Youngjae
4. Chan from ACE
5. Byungchan from Victon
23. I.M from Monsta X, Sangyeon and Sunwoo from The Boyz
24. The queen herself 👑 Selena (it was hard to find a fancam of her okay)
25. Thank you by GOT7
26. This man right here everyone
27. Both
28. Night time but sometimes day time too I guess both
29. none of them I hate coffee ☕️ and tea 🍵 to be honest
30. Vampires 🧛‍♀️ after reading the twilight series of the books and watched all the twilight movies, I want to be a vampire
31. I can pretty much say all of them because when I was a kid, I used to drink apple juice 🧃 I still drink it to this day because it’s so good and my favorite soda/sodas are Diet Coke and Pepsi but most of the time I drink water 💧
32. For now I can says friends because I like being single and having friends is better then having a gf or a bf in my opinion
33. Dog 🐶 Cat 🐱 I like horses 🐴 even though I never rode one in my entire life and I like pandas 🐼
34. 💜*in San’s voice* purple💜
35. 7, 9 and 25
36. Yes but it all depends if the person would also give me a second chance but if I wasn’t getting a second chance then I would have to say no
37. Personality, definitely personality
38. My name and gender
39. France 🇫🇷, Korea 🇰🇷, New Zealand 🇳🇿 and Australia 🇦🇺
40. California 🇺🇸
41. I like any movies 🎥 that are like action, medical like movies, I also like Disney movies of course
42. Koizora (Sky Of Love) it’s a Japanese movie 🍿 if you want the YouTube link for it, DM me
43. Favorite kdrama? Now this one is super hard, I’ll name 5 kdramas that I like just for now

1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
2. Itaewon Class
3. Extraordinary You
4. My ID is Gangnam Beauty
5. Hotel Del Luna
End of thread ✅
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