Please know this: The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa allows your rights to be curtailed specifically ONLY when a State of Emergency has been declared by an act of parliament. This “state of disaster” was not passed by any such act of parliament.
The current “state of disaster” was unilaterally declared by the executive, along with the National Command Council, as it is entitled to do.

However, it is not entitled to make any regulation that curtails your constitutional rights, only a State of Emergency can do that.
Every regulation by the NCCC that curtails your rights is, therefore, blatantly unconstitutional and invalid.

Any member of the security forces that attempts to enforce those regulations is acting unconstitutionally and illegally.
Among others, you have the right to freedom of association, the right to freedom of movement and residence, and the right to freedom of trade, occupation and profession.

The state of disaster cannot override any of those rights.
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