It is unnatural to love based exclusively on poor race dynamics; especially if the race has no power to protect your femininity, doesn’t produce wealth, and can not assure the financial security of your offspring.
Women that pledge their allegiance to powerless men that have historically never created wealth or healthy families should actually be diagnosed with a clinical and statutory elements of interracial cognitive dissonance.
This kind of love not only demonstrates poor intelligence, but typically create children that duplicate the insanity. Just tally up the story of your mother, sister, aunt, best friend, and coworker.
Black girls that embrace education faster than rehabbing relationships are almost always on a middle to upper class trajectory, no matter how poor she was born. She becomes systematically impoverished the moment she has a child for a man who is generationally poor.
This is the final blow of poverty; entrapment.

This is the poverty loop that is self perpetuating, and self regulating through your emotions.
Struggle love needs to be a clinical definition of insanity.

- Dr. Portia Fulford
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