Dear people of planet Earth. Today, we need all eyes on #HongKong to bear witness to today's events. Today's protests are against the national security law that the Chinese Communist Party forces on the people of Hong Kong, directly violating the Sino-British Joint Declaration.
It takes away the autonomy, rights and freedoms guaranteed to HongKong by China and turns the city in another province of the totalitarian dictatorship of Communist China.
Even now, the situation on the ground is much worse than anyone outside Hongkong can possible imagine.
Kidnappings, murder, rape by lawless gangs inside the #HongKongPolice are happening daily. Many protestors die in police custody, many are traumatized from rape and sexual assaults by gangs within the Hong Kong police.
Many young protestors are transported to mainland China, never to return or seen again. The current situation is grave in HongKong, people make choices, flee or fight. Many choose to fight. Please bear witness to the struggle of these brave people today and the days to come.
They fight for all of us who believe in humanity, freedom and human rights, as #HongKong is the Front-Line in the battle against aggressive campaign of the totalitarian regime of the CCP. So we must #StandWithHongKong, bear witness and let those kids not be alone. Please.🙏
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