Alli you have no idea how much I live you. You are my friend, my bestie, my sister, my mom, my wife and my kween. I never knew I needed someone like you in my life. You always been there for me in my darkest and brightest times
and I promise Ill try my best to be there for you. Whenever I felt sad or down you always try ur best to make me happy. You never failed to put a smile on my face. You are an angel that fell from heaven to help spread love to everyone. I never been so close to someone in my life
I always feel comfortable talking to you cuz you would never judge me. We lit rally share the same braincell and our chats are always ICONIC. Pls you have no idea how much I enjoy talking to you and I get rlly hally whenever you’re online. You’re lit rally my fave person ever
You are focken pretty, intelligent, funny, amazing, bright, adorable, iconic, kind, loving, peaceful. Bitch I rlly wish you step on me cuz I feel so inferior to u. I focken love you. I ADORE YOU MY ALLI. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EXISTING. UR GODS GIFT THAT I DO NOT DESERVE
Allisson I promise you one day we’re gonna meet and Ill give you the squishiest longest hug ever. Then we gon go out and have some fun. Please don’t ever stop talking to me cuz that’s one of the only thing that keeps me motivated to live. I am coming for my kween
Anyways I started tearing up a bit writing this so I hate you so much rat @noticeleighade
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