So since I told u I started watching KBS World the South Korean Channel,let me tell you my learning/experiences/enjoyment/non enjoyment. I used to watch this channel years ago but then it stopped airing. Noticed it's back and started watching in lockdown.
It seems to me the Korean language is very efficient. The subtitles are long in English but the people on screen manage to say it in very few syllables. Of course in rare cases it's opposite too, but that's rare.
Further the Korean language 'feels' as if all the syllables are at 'right angles' to each other. I tried to evaluate why it feels so. They have lot of O, U, AA, and E (for egg) sound, but hardly any I or EE sound. I or EE is present, but less.
Koreans seem write/speak their full name as [family name] [person's name], never reverse order like it is common in India and West.

They also speak each other's full names in both formal and informal settings.
It doesn't feel odd when they speak full name even in informal settings because as I said the language seems efficient, and the full names are short too, 3-4 syllables.


Kim Solah
Bu Seorak
Cha Eundong
Kang Taen
Han Jihun
It seems Korean women retain their maiden name after marriage.

For example Choi Myeonghee is married to Chairman Han (surname) but still retains her surname Choi.

Oh Hyewon gets married to Choi Junhyeok but is still called Oh Hyewon.
This thread will have the Korean words I learn while watching @KBSWorldTV correlating what sounds they speak with what the English subtitles they put on screen.
hashtag #KoreanWordAsIHeard. As hashtags work, sometimes the hashtag may go even without thread
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