Thread: Another #hatecrime in riot-hit north east Delhi’s Jaffrabad area: Two muslim brothers were retuning home, one allegedly thrashed near Maujpur-Babarpur metro station and forced to raise jai shree ram slogans
Mohd Kamil who lives in Bhajanpura area alleged that a mob of 8-10 Hindu men, who were drunk beat Adil, his younger brother until he bled. Adil is currently in the hospital. Police force has been deployed for the family’s safety #hatecrime #Delhi
Both were on a scooter, the gas tank was empty, Adil pushed the vehicle, while Kamil walked slowly. They alleged they were targeted by their skull caps. Adil was abused, beaten and told to chant Hindu slogans. Statements have been recorded, Police investigating #HateCrime #Delhi
North east Delhi remains a sensitive zone ever since deadly religious riots erupted in January 2020, killing Hindus and Muslims in the area. This, is a day before #Eid #HateCrime The situation in the area is under control.
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