So often these days, I feel completely out of step with what everyone else is saying, thinking and feeling.
EG This Dominic Cummings stuff. I don't get it. Like, *HE'S A PANTOMIME BADDIE*. Of course he did something cretinous and self serving. Of course he'll get away with it.
This is the world we live in, no? Trump, Bolsonarro, Johnson, Putin, Orbán... Men of means, not of heart, doing whatever most benefits themselves and their various paymasters/shareholders and fuck everyone else.
The planet is literally trying to rid itself of us, and rather than fight it, we argue and bitch and tweet amongst ourselves while absolutely failing to hold them to any kind of meaningful account at all.
I'm not saying it's okay. I'm not saying we should just accept it.
I'm just saying that the spike in outrage over something like driving to Durham seems so pinheaded that it just exacerbates my feeling of not really being plugged into the same circuit as everyone else.
Like moving in with an elephant and then one day running in to the pub and saying to your mates "OMG. You should see the size of this things shits!"

"Yeah. Your flatmate's an elephant."
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